Some Things Last a Long Time

Some Things Last a Long Time. Some things hide deep in the shadows. Lingering throughout time and space. Memories remain embedded in the bitumen. They seep down and touch the earth below. Ghosts of pain. Ghosts of joy. Ghosts of violence. Haunting. Repeating. Haunting.

Located in Lingham Lane, Melbourne CBD semi-permanently.

(Enter from Flinders Lane. The first laneway directly after Degraves St. Head right to the end of the lane)

Schwientek is working with Creative Laneways and the City of Melbourne on a laneway commission as part of the Flash Forward project alongside 39 other visual artists and 40 musical acts.


The project is titled Some Things Last a Long Time and explores the lasting and debilitating effects of trauma.


With the work to be displayed down the end of a dark and looming laneway, Schwientek wanted to work with the experience of fear and the menacing nature of the exhibition space itself.


The five photographic works each revisit a site of personal trauma of the artist. As long exposure photographs shot during the night, Schwientek was forced to reflect on her traumatic pasts for the duration of each exposure; often in locations where she is at her most vulnerable.