Eating my feelings

and other tragic stories

Think I might have been in pain...  2011/2023

Hand-coloured & toned cyanotype

Eating my feelings and other tragic stories is an emotional binge of partially remembered histories and the compulsion to fill the big empty void of self with anything or anyone in an attempt to feel something…anything. The work recontextualises past social media imagery and photos texted between friends and or lovers as tangible recollections in technicolour.


This re-remembering is an exploration of departed versions of self, the edited self and the hidden self in an indulgent nostalgic journey. The work touches on longing, loneliness, coming to terms with sexuality, self-medication and being an ignorant little shit.


Presented as a series of hand coloured and toned cyanotypes on cotton paper and altered knitted cotton tapestries these works are an archive of the almost forgotten digital identity.

is About to get trashed, YEEAAAHHAAAA  2008/2023

Knitted cotton tapestry, shiraz & fire

you look heaps cute..... can i take you home???????  2010/2023

Hand-coloured & toned cyanotype

I am kind of amazing in the way that I love you xx  2014/2023

Hand-coloured & toned cyanotype

Dwunk  2009/2023

Hand-coloured & toned cyanotype

Installation view, Please Scream Inside Your Heart, Spontaneous Assembly 2023

Photo: Angela Cornish