self and forgotten histories

Forging identities through memories and misinformation

'Self and Forgotten Histories - Forging Identities Through Memories and Misinformation' is a body of work and research proposal I am currently working on.


Focussed around life, death and the family archive I am attempting to piece together the broken histories of my ancestry. After being given a sleeve of negatives by my father and told they were all he had of his parents in 2018, I took them directly to her darkroom to print.


When the first print hit the developer I saw the ghost of a woman and a child appear and immediately began to cry. I noticed similarities in the facial features of the woman and realised I was meeting my grandmother for the very first time.


Having never known a family history beyond my immediate family this moment crumbled my reality and began an incessant longing to find out who I am and where I come from. 


I am hoping to translate this research into a PhD candidacy.

A Family Tree

Work In Progress

Lois Holly Garvan

Broken hill

Visual research 2019

Schwientek family

Broken Hill - Negatives shot in the 1950's by unknown photographer/s